Interview: Jason Williford (3-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Virginia Assistant Coach Jason Williford looks back on a historic season for the Cavaliers, looks ahead to the NCAA Tournament and talks about why this is the most focused group of players he's ever coached.


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Virginia will open up as the number one team in the NCAA brackets. In VC UMBC. Friday night at nine Swanee joining us now he's Richmond zone Virginia assistant Jason Wilford backward this on fox sports 910. Coach great ad galleries that are. Arm could argue well and good. If Virginia would go onto win the NCAA tournament and they make a movie. Who plays you would Hollywood. Who who grade B equals murder Will Smith. I've considered people say oh look like I. I was thinking maybe younger Denzel but Becky candy younger I was thinking either the Wilson is good though because I was begin with with no Anthony Anderson from. Black issue. Yeah yeah yeah below and told I've been so we'll smear a great hero of my butt look alikes of how it'll rip it Rick Fox. There's a lady that called me Rick Fox with the local certainly loving you know hi Rick Fox is doable. I could see that but what but I do who plays Tony in the movie. I. All are. Should go better with actors millions. I was old nuclear play himself Tony Bennett. Wow you know what I wouldn't put it past him there's not much you can do after the seasons ago but at the time that's pretty good all right let pot poet what I don't Porter who would play Tony Bennett in the Virginia movie. You know clue he's gonna play Jay Wright you he can't do that so. Outlook to find that's good we'll put double to Wear Natwest fox sports 910. He's coach Jason Wilford he's got more things to talk about an hour nonsense. And those key witness this the steam is a story and the story is the team. Tony said the multiple times that he couldn't imagine this he could've touched on this before the season you've talked about before coach. Where can you think back to a game or moment this season where you thought as a coaching staff hate we we might have something bigger here than we first thought. I think he's not care really put my affairs in order out so you let me start exes who clicked from all produced airport. Is when we moved our harder this sort of player small ball and that would separate Sunni sect. You know. We're small. Condo for local resort you know what it was booed him to reform. Are all restore order to a true too quick a little bit. We knew we were able to put toward Gaza and who could focus all of this poor. And it it I think. It is easy mergers so long with Obama these emerging from all produced airport has helped us tremendously acute removal would gain. Specifically put it in Virginia Tech game like no honor and a really great game period. How about that Saudi lies because this scene is always seem confident but when did you may be noticed that this team realized it was capable of doing something big. I. They're good leadership has always been deliberate vote. And in from the seniors and in Lebanon and Isaiah. Those guys in particular but it. Tied to home got other got to force. In you. If you do it grows as sports and it would have started a big big shock when he when he's made some big shot speak to regain trust. You that you just started to see it again. I'm shocked he told me that there could be quite on the bill we will we all. What would probably just you know the goal cliche would this particular one game at a time and so. Try not to look too big picture. And they will take it one game at a time and CU MBC Friday night in Charlotte nine Tawny coach Jason will burden assistant coach you VA joining us and by exports 910. Coach I know it's about looking for but it. If I can look back you for just the second. How would you put into words Kyle guys' performance in Brooklyn considering what he did with that knee. You there's screw Obama will be. No he he he had been struggling a little mention global view from an efficiency standpoint. If you do injured. Executed confident he supremely confident in it would use to build this poor should do rock. And he put together. But her final week here I thought we all played well collectively. Public issue being. DeVon also booze and shoot the ball a school for us in the end of the week are because you Jack sort of clips it was unbelievable. And India and you'll Carter. Got to messed up really is twofold all the hurt is really is. Well he's he turned his ankle. Are usually would have made big free throws and a big court shots against Carolina. It was a collection of we what cows play. It is confident can get that shot back you're stroke there. Are prepared that bode well for a small forward. That was really my next question because yes this team is known for Kyle guy and tied to Rome and Devin hall I still think is. You know I know he got all ACC honors I still think he's under appreciated Isiah Wilkens is your defensive player of the year beyond your honor we know comes off the bench you. You mentioned. Would Jack did on Friday night Nigel Johnson huge in the in the first half against North Carolina. I want to ask you what's what's triggered here with mama DD key to where we've seen flashes we have now seen as consistent stretch of him what's triggered there. You can always get more touches we're we're twelve or ritual of eagle green room. We're Kosovo trying to get those bouts of heart is ridiculous goal and well you got this you'll. And like he says he's shown flashes it nice to see and be consistent with that he should look phenomenal percentage in the last probably should gain of one receive up to 70%. Hugo percentage shooting. So we've got to give them such as the Hartford civic shots will be difficult do you really altered bill. And so we gotta give it to won't. The pretty view it conferences it's been sort of fool. You know you gotta stay out of foul trouble. Got to you know keep them keep them from consumer trials. You never know because a couple of new Buick again if that's the beauty of of this particular seeing this year. What's the message to the team this week. Prepare right. Its the next game. Don't think too you so you know are due to all the all ordered number one year and in the order. Coke that comes with that is great well deserved well earned. But we still got vast book what it would political play Virginia basketball understood it better in the tournament. They're not tightness crew know only what we do offensively and defensively and just be ready one cargo truck. I guess the questions posed asking is do you do anything to take the pressure off because now that you've gotten here in this team is number one and they've never been in the final four and I. I want to ask that but this team seems to sew up to the moment up to the task have you ever been around a group for young people act as a young people that. You know how to get have you been around a group so locked into the moment at hand. No not a hundred got a little bit and and that's what I think you'll be holding has talked about this this group be different this group we have special. We are totally focused. Order task. And you know for whatever reason you don't. We hear at all not only certain aggressive but we here's all you bitching about six cubic mr. continue to have enacting date that. Put step chip chip chip on their shoulder. To glow in income of unproven basically. This whole winter where you've been number one. Where you know I think he's been handled because we've been getting everybody especially so unlike some coaching before. You know have been someone you think they'd prepared this. For awhile there appears to be a great number 100. We've gotten everybody's best shot rescue down the stretch and you can. What did totally totally focused on. One. Just playing Virginia boy and get better each stadium crackers or inertial when one globe compete. The ride has been funded date like how guys said we're only 66%. Of the way through I'm looking forward to how prepared for. Amazing dummies Virginia assistant coach Rick Fox it's been I mean Jason Wilford. It is my pleasure to have you I hope we can do this conversation again later this month coach got lucky. Our Rick ware appreciate I appreciate you Coachella guest appearing on the 1140 WR VA.