Interview: Hakeem Abdul-Saboor (2-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, February 9th

Former Powhatan track star and now-Team USA bobsledder Hakeem Abdul-Saboor joins Wes to discuss how he got into bobsledding and what it will be like for him going into the Olympics.


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If there's ever a young guy from our neighborhood pallets and schema duels border. Some ballots and track star what don't you DA lives running back end. Got into bobsledding how did that happen caught within the boy went to South Korea and obviously my first question was. How does this all happened. Arm I do not have a clue. I don't I got lucky on the sport. I had no clue really much about it Shep I'll watch it on the Olympics. Well who found do you how did you find the sport so I was the speed agility quit as coach in Knoxville Tennessee. I happen to be. This fool around with some our coworkers and are touched by an edge to it. Ten foot feeling much jumping and deal trend to conditioning coach about. Probably touched do a video and he was like man that does expose of money to a bidding on that equipment if you want to try out. How would you put into words how would you describe the first time you're in the bobsled and you go all the way down. Army if its it's pretty edgy it's pretty little bit as we go to go so a lot of work is done off of the track. We do everything from Carlos just been in this play without a move and are making sure that our market position is correct on so that once we get on the hill it's easy opens. If you have a matchup then. You still going down regardless of whether you're in the further you're not a bullet. Wound so you wanna make sure is perfect in launcher in the way the title like. Getting pushed down a it'll. And and the trash and it's not a book that that looks. I knew it had been there and you tried to its lowest move with the sweat as you can but you're in pretty much in our steel canisters so. Yet it's pretty exciting though. McCain didn't do the positions here and I believe it's the pilot who's up front and then there is that the break man. Is there the pusher gimme that terms of the four man bobsled team. OK we we all are essentially great print. Armed the last person in the sled would be. Bill Britton says he has the pull the brakes are out it is said the polish I think you have the two spot that you guys military guy and then the great man. And then up. And the loading sequence. The driver loads. And then. After that two guys watch is the driver who wrote it takes two steps at that a driver and then he wrote in the in the pre got a two cent tepid. I think he wrote in the the Berkman. Take its sense that the third. We are alone in sequence. To make everything work together. The UR sale a lot of this goes on behind the scenes how do you go about getting that chemistry because of vehicle when you've got to get in misled misled is going you guys are going. And even this the first time you gotta be on point you gotta be together. Arms so I mean we just we have to that's practice every day is that this is. A blue collar sport we we do all the work I mean we have mechanic and help us spot every day before and after a slide that we make sure we checked this. Arm make sure everything is right all bark in alarm plays. And we just do practice Carlos every console war this practice is that we were running on ice but we'll jump in the lead and then sit down and wolf. Sometimes Carmelo just to see how quickly you know thoughtful practiced on that push track based on oppression that cart. We get lots of reps America's on that you don't have to go down the track so you it's what we're in turn your body and you can get reps on that. Oprah put into. What's McIlroy fox sports night enjoined by scheme to boost Bora United States bobsled team. Do you run the or stop and wonder how a kid from pout and football player from you VA wise ends up. He thought about this you know I'm going to the Olympics as a member of the bobsled team. It's still hasn't hit me yet I mean I don't I don't post very real smear. They it'll hit me until. Are there in South Korea has been a little pot pushing the consulate. The key will compete on February 18 that is when he bobsled events will take place but it. Before that Hakeem he thought about what's going to be like to walk in opening ceremonies when they name used part of team USA. Politics is gonna be awesome experience I have thought about that. Dream about that it's just like you watch it on TV like. Man that's just so awesome that these people into that and then go out there represent their country. And now just a dream come good on what was it well. It is a dream come true it's a pretty wild story he would go some more ballot and could catch it was in before he went over to South Korea were opening ceremonies. Well we've got delivered is going on. It's underway and a guest appearing on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline good for him and I also have free over Paul what he's got a good story on a key in this morning good in times dispatch who checked out at Richmond dot com.