Interview: Eric Galko (4-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, April 12th

Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting and the Sporting News breaks down the quarterbacks in this year's NFL Draft class and discusses what defensive prospects he most likes this year.


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We are two weeks away from the NFL draft two weeks away from today for some of you can't get here quick enough for some of you just eat this stuff up. Like myself and our next guest Eric gal go. Eject out optimum scouting is his web site Eric does phenomenal work been a great partner to show for years that we bring him now on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hot nine. I what your breakdown and your analysis but we're two weeks away. Give me the best rumor you've heard so far give me the best juicy trade hypothetical. He did this rumor that you heard about a guy gimme gimme something salacious. Yeah I think you know just after the patriots traded Brandon cooks were full trumpet. That I attacks. And I it's you know I wanna go a while myself what they could this be. Could they want to Triple Crown platform media cornerback two record encrypt their two biggest feet. On the up on the line and maybe. So hard because they go quarterback earlier route to get their god but god OPEC oil and the one one that might not move up and go get jobs growth that. You're the guy that might start slipping a little but I draft goes up in the top five pick in his personality that's just completely. What topic Daniel what. They've got a clothes and even those who already you can learn behind company. We can have another in our hands the patriot conducted in open again mcdaniels is the heir apparent to Bill Belichick he'll likely be difficult to the next two Trier and didn't guy that'll be good idea. You draft day scenario and I don't know if you were doing this refined plan is not your mind it. What is through the draft day scenario that you put up on Twitter yesterday. Yes so well first off. The the top 434 picks. Include Graham Arnold they can make field and Josh helped and very likely it is what I believe the first overall there will still be trimmed oral. They can make you will be the third overall pick and then the Buffalo Bills thirteen got purple quarterback beat him up from. Twelve and 22 to go to queens around that foreign get Josh out they're recorder back gun in your Denver that he that now we're looking for a quarterback. They have fed cup or at least here they're gonna get cut to a twelve or you're kind of rituals on the beat to become something and then there's the cardinals. They might not be interested in and got throws and their particular site to quarterback took off generally. You don't have. Three quarterbacks under contract out first he's been coming here with over seven billion dollars so to directly address the quarterback that early so. At least comparable look at what a little bit when you look at the pectoral 49ers spirit they wanna stockpile draft technical crowd twice. A year go to it because they want they're not really locked in and neither team I think we'll trade contractors. Is because this in the most willow bit in particular both called me the cup almost in about a little back and overall spot I think it was the day. Jimmy dropped what would we give him four pennies on the dollar tab press the cash on that paper. I think that the 49ers can look back at 21 round pick maybe two per tropics in the early like around I mean patriots perhaps from the 49ers and that can get a couple guys back. It's not that I'm not in a mock drafts this year does that do I am I just it's clicked before me I totally made and it's my guilty pleasure. But I would you. Part of my reluctance he Dubai and any mock draft is I just I wanna see how many more trees that we get and I. How crazy do you think the hours leading up to the first round could possibly do it. In the real value is going to be that portal well pick it looks like it's going to be quarterback award that's as simple little paprika one. You know go quarterback. Went back to pass rush into the giant that you and they commit to a Korean and really grapple start for the clinical trial we'll have a chance commuter train that fourth overall pick or. May be yet another public records are clear view their I think it. That actually go after the start you know want to pretend that you need to go to Google that Portland creek road start to move one of the Broncos. Just think if you want to be quarterback elect. What Cuba actually come in the back back at the top and so. I think that the top three tickled they put that project would not what their overall. What did you exactly who's gonna happen it wanted to do what we need to believe the first dual role that will not be treated but. And perhaps starting at for the global browser already making one pick with John Dorsey enjoy himself to move from dropped for the will be a lot of action at a local because. Don't you feel this is the year to get your quarterback is the great draft class. What you want child throws in the truck show up. You've got to move up because that guy so we could you many get by quarterback on the top fourteen to eighteen ticket because it can stop this year's inferior quarterback. He's their guy go optimist downing his website you can also check out his writing on multiple different. Outlets like sporting news Europe call FB is Rican Bynum on Twitter. Eric put this on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline one more on quarterbacks that I wanna flip it over the defensive guys. Would we seemed to lose this or we we forget about this a guy like Jared golf gets to be Ramsey goes place for Jeff Fisher looks like he's going to be an automatic bust. Shawna big comes in all of a sudden he taps is doubt he realizes potential. And now you get this high flying offense and ally. Give me the quarterback in this puzzle lies it would Jim Moore was sent about Josh Rosen in Cleveland. Gimme quarterbacking give me to coach right now that you see could be deck shoe fit together. Don't think a big part of English Kyle and didn't drop lol I think it's less about. Note on the quarterback. Put up our sense recognize that there early early ninety's and mid ninety's. That would support help or come to mind and like able draft a quarterback you eat better that not all that and what that you don't but some say yeah. The continent do that at a young level ugly tree and in Minnesota viking then. On the soap open. And so you don't go to Minnesota now how to cook content that you got a medical to the other to the plate there are the terms of working together and doing particularly a great fit into a conflict unpopular Minnesota Vikings got to build that future was done little slow and and are confident the team I have to win right now in Minnesota. And bill you got asked picking up pretty quickly is going to be intriguing and certainly Kirk cousins went to Minnesota. A sporting money or the kind of you need to totally guarantee deal would. I think fact that they got to win ballot this trigger windows live work you know it's hard to come look come up first you spent together. And questionable rarely happens for a quarterback but the coordinator so they'll be locked up the you have Eric. If we get this row quarterbacks and I believe that we will we get this run that means talent gets pushed back the news defensive talent gets pushed back. And the Redskins it would really like data thirteen. Can you give me the top five defense of guys is a matter what position top five defensive guys on your board right now. Yeah Bradley just the first overall that the player in this special special power I think not only. Don't have been frequent Barkley or not only fantastic players and talent. But they're great people and culture guys and include what built their locker rooms around about the joke that regardless has been a great athlete. I have a great player the first of all that's required nexis about it in Virginia Tech. Long and athletic linebacker was dealt a potentially keep growing might be easy to retreat going to be nineteen years old on draft that. Can kick it left of that kind of upside there than. Denzel Warren Ohio State quarterback athletic. Better particularly punitive not better than Marcia Lattimore and the talent coming out of nothing is gonna Marcia let what what cut even but. Abducting a potential to get it Patrick certainly in the Dexter well. God has playmaker out there might he get at that recommendation from the crate and I've ever seen on the feeling gift NFL team which matters a lot people to trust they create an event. Derwin James Forrest beat seat yet they keep. I don't like guys in the box seat super athletic they got more range more upside than. Can't chance of becoming a Virginia Tech seventeen to want those guys now so don't look five. Or so top a top player in the broke out there. A Georgia another guy tried I'd be a great actually great guy whose work in the interior there had great games also belong to tortured to trust would be. Better than the alternative prospect. Get either orchard Maine had been a rogue on Smith if you the Redskins and wanna sit there at thirteen which one would you pick. Getting the treatment that driven and it won't be there I'll be surprised he was able to get a draft or actually played out all the quarterbacks but. I think ray came after the top candidate takes a piece there you've got to probably just. Did they answer plans and just pick them he's that special account but I think the record if they don't wanna cripple our backer of respect created dollars at linebacker but. The robot that they get the better they get culture guy leader he's the guy who went back toward the end up the trigger and that has that character at all it's just that he never been a leap year. The purpose of they got people to build their defense around again that is more before gap which follow public because the great talent wasn't Rowe wants Mitt if you valued him highly likely because. He commit right away and change come the attributes you spent that's why they took compared to Patrick will. At one less want from me. The run pain or provided be it it boy is they're both there at your at thirteen which what do you do if your dressing the defensive line. Yeah on the huge that a boat but I think because they it is although not a like player. So massive and so part of moving so balanced out and actually even if he's not a great player in terms of secret things that technique quite he's going to be. Helpful for your defense no matter what about the value that right if you to deliver up with a lot of that are that they'd look at it. It's hard to say yeah and then didn't take got a technical or that not the way to beat that they have but. I think to run in the exciting part is that he's gotten better and loaded with potential I think gallantly as to what we've seen in recent years our program you ready to go. I think a lot of medical scouts thought he was gonna stay in school because. Coming next you might be first overall pick contenders that you get a Geiger early but he high character guy he now worn down like Catholics have a different from what. I think dropping it needed more treatment that but I think your typical for city's top fifteen pick cart path are great athlete with great I like the other. 2018 draft guys out and I will also give their props he was one of the first few guys to really jump on Kyle Leno he's big on them. So I go check out the guy he's air gal go optimum scouting sporting news as well we'll do it again in two weeks my friend looking forward to an already. What about Eric out who is on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline.