Interview: David Teel (2-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, February 13th

David Teel of The Daily Press joins Wes to talk the Wahoos moving to No. 1 in the AP Poll for the first time since 1982, what it means in terms of their season and how the Hokies improved their tournament resume.


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David Steele joining us in the daily press who's on the other another line saying I'm hall famed sportswriter I'm in the college basketball writers all fan and I come on this show. David what are you doing December of 1982 though. I've worm is working. Or Lynchburg Virginia. I was so a little more than a year out of college I was getting ready. To move to a newspaper in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Little later than that he's in 1980 really I would heart muscle and on to the law. Covering North Carolina State and welfare in college career in the elite eight. David not yet to tell me out here David teel has dale and I share one thing in common we had be worst first day on the job ever. I got the flu 104 degrees and up in the hospital daily gotten a car accident where was that day number one that was that it that the paper and fatal. I was with a paper in the near Newport then. It's important part of my first day. First college football on and hold our own hours drive into color as we've stated the following week. And I didn't get it over the changing world reportage. While I can do with traffic light and a guy who have read it he goes. Boom men and yet these days we remember on the job David sealed daily press joining us as Virginia. Is number one in the country the first time since December of 1982. There are you surprised after the loss that the voters and I apologize if I should know this if you're a voter or not. But are you surprised that the voters made Virginian number one after the loss Saturday night. Hawaii believe spot where with a cabbie well. I'm not a voter this year won't work my colleagues at the daily question do you go to Michigan state of the wandered Virginia's upper two or not. That's fine as well. But when the NCAA selection committee on Sunday afternoon. Released its top sixteen seed to invade Virginia B overall Abu Awad. I think that even forwards. The AP voters. And cause them to take our clothes to look. At the juniors whereas today as opposed to the other candidates for her number one. I 100% agree with the I think I think there's some people out there who realize they're not taking that good of a look I think there's some people who didn't wanna put Virginia number one. But you start doing your arguments and you realize you don't have that argument against Virginia like you thought. No you don't and then 168. If you Rhode. They also want you to do which is not politically aware and I did that it might be in the past the spot. They've wanted to we've won at Florida State there's one at Syracuse they wanted to give you one gulf war. Wobble bowl NCAA tournament. Not pretty. I only want him. One point you know overtime. To stay viable career home I won't once forgive me. It's pretty darn good. Indeed it is David. I don't I think this is an historic moment I think it should be celebrated but I I know the way this ends we only remember the team is cutting down the net so everybody wants Milken Virginia. Hole number one conveyed Canadian number one seed overall can they win this whole thing. You go into tonight now tied drones got to Bruce and this teams come and often loss and they'd be able to worn down on Saturday that would guess the times. Where's Virginia right now going into Miami this evening. I think they'll really. Not a terrorist I think they're gonna work. And I applaud their gonna lose this game four on one with it is really good. As well. They're not at war at home or war. Is to do down there are. And they still have a little bit of work to do to secure their incidentally her credentials. But if you look at the schedule. After a night for Connecticut eight gave glory. Before that Georgia Tech's home game extra point out that this column that horrific time. Because I agree with you that they were gassed. During wartime I think the Hokies it was sucking up here gave. They both teams or operating on news. By the end of the line. Pride in Virginia. Being number one overall they absolutely do that we've been saying absolutely not know this can know what march. Sure it is two years ago they were wounded in should've made the final. I think this team is capable of the same perhaps make. Oh. You can read Davis comedies of today number one UBA in good company with a setback you can find him at David teel at DP on Twitter west McIlroy fox sports night and let me put it to the other side that matchup Saturday night. What do we learn about Virginia Tech and more importantly what do Virginia Tech learn about self Saturday night in John Paul Jones arena. They can defend on the road has been. A weakness and if the law. And baseball didn't it work after that whole walked by any. Both lose in this half went to war column on the defense. And they essentially outlawed burgeoning. They're walking away and turned would you need to do what we want you to. The last 483. Pointers. Like this something that most ever attempted by at least he's he's he's. New York moved back its point three directions. The only thing that would should always do to protect including. In 2000 not. Well equipped but the first student who can move Hawaiian. Not allowed to do what would you believe it was it that way. So. It was really war. We mentioned tides are Hamptons or import and from Italy so that would that was his yeoman defensive effort. You can do anymore to make your case for the turnover and we didn't number one team in the country over. Are they played off back then big win huge win I would argue attributed this historic regular season when a Virginia Tech basketball history. But we're not done yet that was the seven converts wind. England or he's got him on the eleventh line. There's still a lot of season left so tell me what Virginia tech's got to do here down the stretch in this last month the feel good and we get the selection Sunday there. Absolutely positively 100% and. I've thought all along the Hokies needed to be candidate. In the ACC. And I proper schedule and so we. That is an open invitation. For the committee to bypass the I think they really need to secure. They're quick they're credentialed by rewarding and they seek games and I also shown well bookworm. I'm in the conference tournament. Are they capable but I've I've doubted if given the way the schedule. Is still good dude why is it still got to go to line and still have moved more inclined home. We wrote half half game. But the way. Just a Robinson's. You know he's he's in the league level he's probably a second team mauling in Newport like the way he's going. So can normally get more out stupid it's going to be really really dipped. David join the conversation is always get some rest late night tonight 9 o'clock Virginia and Miami and then tomorrow. The Hokies and the duke blue channels be well my friend. Well that's David Steele the hall of fame writer and college basketball writers hall fame. Newport News daily press and yes he puts over the shenanigans on the show we appreciate import.