Interview: Dave Koehn (2-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, February 13th

Voice of the Wahoos Dave Koehn joins Wes to talk Virginia moving to No. 1 in the rankings and previews their match up against Miami.


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Dave Kane that was the Virginia Cavaliers doing back in 1982 rejoins us now on the good morning mr. game. Well what we're doing in 1982. Hillary. I will probably. We among home might. Graham are also considered. You are she's hot dogs. Oh yeah and out of school snack of choice. Yeah that was indicated that was you know I was launch. There's usually. Is there you go unmet the most. She's I had to go I was more of the L Healy is pizza guy back in the day but right she's a dogs I'd say. The Ichiro and Dave came big game not eating she's hot dogs he's in Miami before it's the matchup tonight which there are concerns about. Yesterday the I don't know if I was alone but I thought after Saturday night Virginia had a great shot at being number one in the polls then and it worked in this lesson to be so they're number one. Are you surprised at the AP voted them number one. I got something on some level because as it's. You know to support him smoking blood were Luke and when the notoriety which is really aren't suited to see him go up but between home. On the same sort of chromium developer adopt the wrong spot where some of our got the ball well who who did everything to do well without oxygen content and watch. It's a chance. Animal in a panic in Haiti came out of pocket the minute you see in the number one overall seed. When it again didn't really run the show. You know if it's not the way you'd actually want to claim number one but then again born not warm room that are far. I know it's in each of the chrome more or less on what we. It is sparked ordered it is a reportorial. But. If you go to the ball well. I've not been talking about throughout the editor Rick under but it looked outlook on it and eat it if that's been gone beyond the days of Ralph Sampson. It is good and other a trip in March for Tony Bennett what he's been able to do what is this even as Croker and so. I think it means something even if it's not necessarily. Deputy bureau and nobody intimacy. He's Dave king and the voice the Virginia Cavaliers couple historic notes about this Virginia is the first ACC team in history to go from unranked in the beginning of the season. To number one in the nation and they are the first team in the eight people since 1948. Re nine. The go to number one after losing. In the previous weekend and I guess that's in a way surprising itself what they did they are number one team in the country. Now they do not to go right back quick turnaround gave up I. I don't like to overreact to things because it was the second loss of the season so yes they lost it on the loss of a national stage. I think more concerning about this team right now is how they go into tonight because on Saturday. They did uncharacteristic things they just looked as they look like a very tired Virginia team. Yeah I mean I just thought they. Do we we will learn a little something more about this teammate. Input even if they do lose sight to capture the panic like that's just double that we live right ballot. But but I think it through the batteries and more than anything I think it would sovereign Indian was cleaned it does apple logo change and I I don't people forgot that or whatever occasionally people at. This team does not have a consistent inside scoring options so if everybody is soft. Which the world for the most part I mean debt of course devil always hitting some shots he built he wasn't particularly. Little you know I think it would include their like that so announced the other big guys inside got lots of up into regards to Portugal or someone who could drive like about compartment create drop the real. I would like to keep it to try to do got a little more even though. They've or stymied him in it you think the Virginia Tech play great it's a game and really been amazing to look back in the lane and thereby. Nonetheless but that 62% of their shots to be from. Beyond the arc was all a lot I think Tony Bennett would probably agree that I actually got a chance to really caught with Sony extensively yet so far no later today but. You know it motivated to ensure that particular like just about every other you know merit the right but does well law and it you know I think it was exposed a ball game that he eat some level what. I also think he was used teamwork within withdraw now that there propaganda by the Lola. Tired I don't know I don't know what the cause you beat. But the other cause you have to look at here is a pretty good opponent matches like the BHC and particularly here in Miami were Virginia won his one time in the last seven games they've played. Two very good seeing you go back two years you remember you did win it it was double over you have to fight. Well all over how good your team is to win and is building for whatever reason this is a very Al-Maliki the Indian. Is he keeping an airplane without first crowd so. You know I mean there's a lot of variables of course it. Dave came on the call and I you can hear more news radio 1140 WR BA pre game at 8:30 sipped at 9 o'clock DK appreciate you get up early knows can be long night enjoy it. Will be listing this evening. Are much. Much guide David Kaye joining us on the.