Interview: Damon Hack (6-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Damon Hack of The Golf Channel previews the U.S. Open from Shinnecock Hills.

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Crazy it's been ten years since we started dad's day. Also crazy it's been ten years since Tiger Woods won a major 2008 at the US open. US open action cocktails starting bright and early tomorrow I'll body from the Golf Channel mr. David hack witness on the how hard is it to believe I mean it's one of those things we know that how hard to believe it's been ten years since tiger won a major. It's amazing wet and so it's great to visit with you specially during a major. Championship been. But they what meant when tiger hobbled off that that playoff green with the rook a Rocco Mediate on Monday. Ten years ago you know we knew he was hurt but we didn't think that you know the incredible. You know tabloid frenzy. You know. All of his career you know obviously helping put it would happen in the injury happened it. You know these other players came in you know certain take the mantle from tiger we all kind of assumed it when he. 25 majors are Tiger Woods at the pace he was on at a you know picking ordered two year. And you beat it a decade later and that tiger is that you know practice of the notoriety but he. A face in the crowd and we talked about contenders for majors now. Game in this weekend is tiger a contender or pretender there. Or an enigma. No great question. I would say I believe he's a contender I still think that you've put them on that list of twenty to 25 players that it would a major championship. In that space on his help. Based on the back initial signs this year are you the shot out of a a play happen bows are. Played great at the Honda had a chance in the back nine at bay hill. Didn't play great and it got a bit bounce back I thought with some really strong play at the players. And butt or a frigid cold putter at memorial. Well might have had win number eighty on the PGA tour I still think. The summit to be said for experience this especially on this golf course tiger lady white. Only twenty players in the field of using computer at all at a US open it's gonna cut fuel because of that I'll look at guys. Like Phil Mickelson. Steve Stricker Zach Johnson Tiger Woods. Played who have experience on what the hardest US open golf course that these men will ever play. These David hacker got gentle way this year on fox sports night ten US open starting tomorrow you can see to covered pre posed. Golf Channel part of NBC sports you mentioned cynic cocktails set this up force and how does that play. Does that play in regular weather how could you play in windy weather what are we looking after the week. Off its is they've been peace. Classic US open golf course with heavy heavy rough onto the with the width of the fairways will be wider you'll call back into it for the with with about thirty. 48 the thirty yard now we're looking at more like forty to 42 yards. No hold one in exactly the same direction when the wind blows. It almost plays like of a British I'll link that and that's where this golf course really get its own it's nuts and bolts or are from the in the UK. That Charles Blair MacDonald. We've got a lot of American architecture put it in on the golf course William Lynn in 1931. Wolf recently Ben Crenshaw and bill or. Of this big golf course would expand tactic history a roster championed by Raymond Floyd. According Pete been Retief Goosen is favors the grinder. That the player who can keep his wit. Not make that seven you could turn that the secret to a five in the I haven't to a war and when the wind blows. Should cut killed in that cup of golf course that you will buy it. So may play out here or there who's the grinder of the group when you when I say griner when you say griner is the golf that comes into a mental image. Taylor I think Zach Johnson I think ever expensive. Solution only to win a major chipped it in the win two years ago a final round 63 at royal true. Of that 82 year old Raymond won with 43. When he won. According even. You know dispersed and only major championship after years of heartbreak. Retief Goosen had won a major chip threes prior. At southern hills 111 putt on Sunday the 421 but the but the week over. I want the player who can bite can grind it also who has is not a billion meter championship under his belt at least has been. In the fire I'll like Rickie Fowler because these are put together those rounds that you need to their major championship the brilliant weekend of 6567. At a depth that we'll just to let that go he gauge. Last week. Everything seems to be in working order is your respective ability at it it'll be laughable. To think that in 510 years time Ricky out of out. Maybe a handful of majors he's played 2 o'clock he'll. As a recreational. Player never competed at US open a cynic out but he absolutely love that Hampton loved that golf course and yet but when I'm also taking a very well look at this week. And who knows Damon Eagles when their first ball caps when their first Stanley Cup Rickie Fowler a technique electric car that's going on around sports world right now. That's a pretty good Trent Lott and we're seeing so many. A first time major champ you know in the last three years of Jed today the Brooke kept. Danny will it. Patrick read on and on it goes that doctrine is two years ago at oak one of Britain's B port for metre chip to that seemed to be the Trent Lott and at that. These players are seeing their you're at it that the that lack of player like with you valor. Org got romped looks so appealing a because we've seen the likes of just comet that all these player breakthrough for the first major championship in the last few years. He's Damon hack the Golf Channel check out the courage all week and weekend long on the god channel I don't assume I think you've named job Zach Johnson a couple times easier picked. I'm going with. A different constant. Dustin not mu win in Memphis I like in the witness at major championship which Armon said last month that told me. On morning drive at the players that you need to work harder. That a buyer a quick motivate or motivational. Coach not to the next and those swing coach which would those. How to get it placed a woman high level I like that and not a great driver of the golf ball at RT what a US open coming up what it meant that we holed out it. 72 hole with a nine iron equal quote that a six shot win DJ is my pick to win the second major championship. And to win the 118. US open. My god you got your golf memory you need cycle Wikipedia database are dependent on the things that you remember about golf Dan and it is a masters open and the PGA and British Open championship tradition always ideal before a major. Enjoy the golf and happy early Father's Day to you until the boys Acela. Anywhere Fred it's great to visit it cannot speak US card and it sounds like a black and Damon hack the Golf Channel and a deep Mercer road cleaning hotline for all the oriental rug cleaning needs just one call to Joseph indeed. Learn more the deed Mercer rug cleaning dot com.