Interview: Chris Russell (5-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, May 16th

Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan talks about the Capitals flat performance in Game 3, why it's not time to panic and how Tampa Bay bounced back and got back into the series.


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More on this game he's governed the series for our sister station and 1067 a fan in DC is our buddy Chris Russell joining us on the the deed Mercer. Rug cleaning hotline I know you are short on sleep and long on work hours but I ask you this morning in your current state. Is there reason to panic around the capitals. Morning less I'll start what that mad that. That Fred Flintstones bombast and made me like that bit about butts there's not much that's gonna make me up on three and a half hours asleep so I'm blessed I'll start I'll just start with that. Yeah there's no weakness direct I would describe it as panic problem. Sir yeah are you should be concerned about mr. Powell is concerned important smut about me being in a negative written. Or you didn't end and also other national ego to respect that anyone should. And that everyone should have a net realized it yet and the best even Eastern Conference. No reason. Best in the NHL in the regular season easily disposed to Boston after a ball game one lost that for no reason and so the so we're weakened list all the reasons why Tampa. We were good they made the comforts are now we had a weird. There will be a week I spoke static on so I knew it was going to be easy what I was disappointed by the most last night would offensively. Defensively and great hall Beattie. Discipline wise special teams want a power play and penalty kill. And they were not immediately it was basically like it is decreased you compare your best to shark aren't. They were and colored skull could be and they York in certain revered the of the old skinny short her ordeal non charter. If that makes sense because base that they were dead air base showed up they participated. But boy were today who really really bland. Yeah and I I don't agree I think the other big story to me is for people who are walking around they can sweep or adding you know delusions of the cup already. You have to respect Tampa there's a reason that they are here just like the capitals are and they showed that last night. You stuck it out and and you neared temple was gonna come up with a great apps are not even say. I was like blown away that champion so good last not able. Don't do it could get new I try to take away credit from that spot it was combination of Tampa. Pretty darn good last night and the capitals gave them opportunity after opportunity and that's what happens when you take penalty after penalty. The penalty and it was five penalty kills or five miners that ultimately wound up in penalty kill including Braden beat. You know people. You know what we say well what their nothing great hope because duke hung out to dry because there were a couple of well will lose not really because he called one of those power play goal. With the economy and on discipline trip quite honestly amounts Adam Carriker are great and hopefully I can assure you know a lot. That led to the first power play goal. The fourth goal he'd let up on Brayton point you know after the shot gets not Arab bloc whatever what info on trying to scramble and there's a bunch of body she can't really see it. It sort ideally you are are short part. Facts. Goldberg moon got her hair that's a gold he wants out even though he wasn't willing to say that last night. In the locker room you want go back and her trust me here what do you want to move it around cape or maybe he'd do it entered the world. He's gonna want that one back on the war on the combination of everything. The number one things you can't give a power play college it is they are on the one timers as cool would pop singing for a buffet units. We achieved these pure. Is Chris Russell went 067 the fan BC hot read joining us to recap game number three last night where the lightning. Now in this series capitals to a lot to want and I agree with you I thought one thing last night really. About six minutes and you start to see it develop and I've been saying this after the first two games though the capitals and a really good job of not letting it. The lightning get pressure on hopefully they've been able to get shots they haven't been able to get that consistent pressure and it's. I can always not a box around with one upper cut you gotta go to the body you can't always homer off a picture you gotta get a couple single and a couple doubles and move guys around. And I thought last night your right hoping you reacted not the way that you wanted. Chris looking ahead to game four. What needs to change and I guess part via that question is there's been a little bit more conservative I guess the thought of a conservative reserve hold that nick Baxter whom. Is this now where you got it got to crank him up and put him out there. Yeah if you leave it close which I would I would. I think based on what we've seen but you know Aaron Carter and again we're caught your body and not try to play doctor on the radio but I don't think you'd be out their pregame skates. But it is gone witness statements and yet he's not participating in the wind roster which is a big deal and not taking state stop sweat. How you'd be out there if he would not at least reasonably close now a technique you won't let up. I get them out of park there I don't know all but I don't think he would be out there he had coached and now the fabled lost our I would assume naked patted him mopped. And get him ready for game war but that's still going to be I would say he's fifty cent he would be ought to be to beat you know Ferrer. Are not I would probably say I would lean probably towards him not playing but. You know I'll know more tomorrow morning during the game they speed at least have a better right you can still not doing much. Quite honestly when he's actually out here for the game basically now on. Yeah that would be huge not only curb penalty kill because he's he's. Probably their best penalty killer but also for the faceoff eight they were not good in that area could not solve was terrible. But not on face soft spot and that would help them a across the board. As far as what they can do it systematically they've got to get back Q. Getting through the neutral zone with speed pot possession. They can't make it a much better job of that last night Tampa Bay eliminated all those odd man rushes that it that. That it sort of loud quite honestly in a lot of bear series loss to the capital and that Campo allowed in the first few games. Downey and sample and that was the number one key ipodder the number one key is to what the cap and what you're not thinks. Last very talked about that yesterday morning that they weren't surprised speech started that is recognized that a war on campus system. All of all the camp well. There tech coach John Cooper Victor had been that all set up last night. The eight ball that was the number one he won in one game re not necessarily the power play so that's born to be the power adjustment. And the capitals cracked. Any chance to get this thing for game boy moved to Florida or possibly outside like Nat spark Annapolis because I. Chris other covers sports long Donna never see your team goes seven and one on the road in the post season and three and four home. Yeah three and four at home six and eight combined. The last two postseason the last two or would you like shop years act Capital One every victim any in the in the last few post you can. At all but I'll put that number up. The one thing I would stay is not only of the capitals struggle in on this and her yet he had west but. I think all old news in this Stanley Cup Playoffs are thirty EU and 39. Our whole app for the capitals lost last night probably pop would not ESPN and I think she that's that's the second worst winning percentage. Right now. There in 1967. Are all of you so I mean complete wide problem but it. Each year sparked problem. Washington Capitals like cracked the same kind of famous. Like you know when they were down three up now like may be that apple has filed a petition that game where apple with your bra on Thursday night. Erick got that but there's no difference out of the united got to stop the mentality that you know like you do on the road keep up what were your hair on fire. Ottawa state weekly now lap because they did dominate the first 78 minutes that it. But once I got there are. You know they're putting under them once they did not wow that first goal which they allow the first few games on tap. He not get that first over they are not Klebanov fourteenth. Well it would be right. They were able to find again they're putting they were able to get an extra man advantage they were able to get their power play Dolan. And Ottawa they were all these people they are but you know of course won nothing quickly then turned and read up in early in the stack and even one up lead at 321 and they pop that momentum that you get that you thought okay they're court martial law on hold your beeper. As soon they made it would've won it was like yet the pollute aggregate score you up. Chris Russell 1067 the fan covering the series on three and a half hours sleep do an outstanding job the city can squeeze in a car now buddy I appreciate you. Sergio is going to be on the view and all guest appearing on the.