Interview: Brian McNally (3-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Washington Capitals writer Brian McNally talks about Alex Ovechkin's 600th career goal, where he stacks up all-time and if he might still have a shot at a title.


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To bring him a buddy Brian McNally. Joining us got you got his new endeavor it's the sports capital dot com dedicated to covering DC sports. He watched this last night he covered this he talked to players afterwards did you Cali get the deal once 599 hit the 600 wasn't that far away. You know less for sure because Alex's. Nothing if not shown in an entertainer. So you knew what dealing with the ability especially when he got up pretty early. Scored five on three power play goal. Pretty easy one for him. You know what usually does so. He scored five on three in the first period. And once that happened it was game on and he is gonna be. Tiring part at the net actually I'll look up here how many shots he finished with but I think it was about fifteen. Which is. Close to a career highs will be set record high bit. He was he was within a couple of it. Last night so he would he was hunting for Huber. And and then in the second period. Not really is typical goal kind of a scramble around goal now that. Amanda stepped to pop a rebound home and EP figured once he got one he was going to be able to get to him. And he did it and ended in front of the home fans and that'll be ovation keyboard and and that a memorable night in DC last I. Brian you could talk got you to cast correspondent the sports capital dot com you can get into the third line fourth line to try to put in the context or somebody. We know about what 500 used to need for home runs in baseball what is 600 goals mean hockey. Well I think the sport and around firm over a hundred years the NHL and here's somebody got down nineteen for a bad skin. He's number twenty. Eight also. Is getting gated in and in a different era means they think that left two. The Wayne Gretzky error early in the Mario LeMieux area. It just took senior in your mind. Nicole Lee stood up rate is in play the utter quietly did you now that kind of work. Where's stand up goalies their equipment was totally different they were. You know they are wearing these these small pad EU look at an old you know it hockey clip from the seventies there with Bobby Orr or. The early eighties with Wayne Gretzky. And the guys just don't look like they do now in net weather does monsters they're all you know six foot three expert's for. They have huge equipment. You know the players are bigger better trained. We back in mid and late seventies early eighties villagers smoking a cigarette mania in the tunnel between. They between. Intermission so it it's not saying it's harder to score. And yet only nineteen guys that ever gotten this 600. In this modern area again he'd be great. Well turning gold leaf coming out of and goalie factories. In the big defensemen and I think in skiing all mightn't. Actually sole job is to prevent you from scoring. To put all of that in the context. Now to that in going between guide to to score 600 goals and he did it. Only three guys that it factor he did at 990. NHL game. The only academic quicker Wayne Gretzky Mario LeMieux grab all at the regal former three of the best that ever did it. And that of that is right there with an. He's Brian now argue final Twitter app be McNally fourteen you can also check out his new website the new website the sports capital dot com. Dedicated to DC sports he's the cavs correspondent oh bench and scored 600. And I know what these things happen milestones career achievements he's going to be a future hall of Famer he's going to be in first ballot the question is will he ever win a championship I thought they had the pieces last year to do it past two years. But more so the past season. Do you worry do you fear that the window has closed on his best opportunity to get a title. Certainly it has been the best opportunity now. This thing is you can you can retooled pretty quickly wet and by McClelland at the end it is remember him when he. Thirteen fourteen caps were disaster at a vote at a at a terrible. Final eventually final even. Prior about a vote that are currently either the DM. Well it didn't blow hole thing out and cleared out Downey promoted. I McClellan who bet on that for over a decade they promoted him to GM. And made some kind of Smart aggressive move. And prodding him treated for Yoshi brought in a couple of free agent like Justin Williams. He got Eddie young guys used to develop into in to kind of top level players which could indicate that soft Dmitri or law. Who internally. And and then he had hope be any cattle that skin. And he had nick Baxter and and really quickly to caps were able to go from a team in the playoffs for the first time in February years. To the best team in the league peers in a row. In that window shut that window close. It could get past the Pittsburgh Penguins because of the way that the NHL playoff system setup. But there's always that chance at meet you can find and salary cap space or will make his mark treated and get back to that level. This year actually start there and this year captured. A lesser version of last year days in law. A look forward to duke players not the best players but work keep ways that the William. Marcus Johansson. Carl all. You know that three name one thing and they hit an equal to draw at a young defensemen they were counting on the ball well or those guys. It didn't really add anything they need it couldn't they are up against the salary cap so. This is it diminished. Teen for the last couple years and yet. As good they are west restored first place it in a generic point ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins despite all that up myself. It may not win the division I think the penguins are better team. If they end up going to Philadelphia Flyers in the in the first round lead at that 5050 series the caps could Gwinnett. They could. You really really good. But say for other of these little a decent shot it back to the fact that round. Go check out the sports capital dot com sticking to DC sports right now is peace up or a movie. Most of your check out the very interesting opinion piece by Tom Reynolds Kirk cousins Brian right now and they.