Interview: Brian Engblom (5-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, May 15th

Brian Engblom of FOX Sports Sun previews Game 3 between the Capitals and the Lightning and discusses how the Lightning can turn things around. 


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And joining us right now he's a great guests. And I say great guest because he doesn't know this but I remember this. Riding balm back when he's at the NHL network now television color analyst for the Tampa Bay Lightning working with fox sports some sports. Brian you were on my audition show ten years ago here in Richmond so partially thank you for helping me get this job ten years later and burdensome mortgage and help us. It well. You're welcome my funk a lot of career your record you're look you and I read where that's the merit badge got to some people Silas and saying thanks not Brian appreciate it as a at this guy on the air. But I saw it episode kind wood this time to talk hockey was now working around the lightning. You do have over forty years in the broadcast Booth and playing so describe to me how different is it being on a plane ride down 02. Compared to being up 20 or being at 11. Oh yeah it's it's a different atmosphere that's for sure. That's pretty incredible thing about the playoffs that makes so wonderful spectre when your you know what you're working for a team in your cover them every day. Is everything it in the air in the atmosphere all the time. You know during the regular season there will be ups and down because you're going from one city two and actually the teams playing well or. Teams are really good run and then yeah you can feel it it's everywhere in the building it's on the plane it's. Everywhere you are well they're down to zero in this game. And excuse me in this series and they know the importance of it I mean they cannot lose this game three. Or is basically over because there's only gonna a couple of times and history. It anybody's come back from 03 doubts so. They know it's there it's it's it's a very quiet. Control mood on the plane on the way here. And if I'm one of the players I'm wishing that the game was this morning. I mean you'll waiting today to get for the game tonight that's the hardest part. Right you've been around this team all year now as television color analyst at word you would describe watching this team we saw Tampa get beat. By Boston in game one and and foot the whole series. But seeing we saw in game morning game to what where would you use to describe the play Tampa back. Old first first game I don't even know how to describe it. It may very well then their worst game of the entire season. They were awful for two over two periods. Couldn't make a pass never mind two passes in a row so unlike them because I mean that's their game they're fast they're very talented they moved the puck they fore check. Couldn't past I mean talk about out of sync sometimes it happens for. You know stretch in a period or may be for a period yet happened for nearly the entire game they got to go on in the third a little bit but they are now for an topic so that was ended up being a complete. Throw away game. I remember you know turning to my partner Rick Beckham after the game it's saying you know what we don't even know what this series is about yet. I mean they were just so off he can't even really registering you think satellite. So okay we go into game two let's see where it goes and what happens well they played better but certainly they got beaten the old Washington controlled the game. And the early in all their scoring. Earl early for the lightning was a great sign for them other power players going pretty good the five on five they have been locked down. And credit Washington watch it and has just thrown a blanket over them through the neutral so taken away their speed taken away their fore check. And that's what the lightning drive bought sold bad. What they're up against in this game three the lightning have to make adjustments. They have to be able to get at the plaque on the attack through the result through the neutral zone in order to get that he operatives on Connecticut should apply. A unity they're very you know we weren't shooting at all in game one hit two shots the first period. I mean just so far up your gonna scorpio don't shoot it but that neutral zone is gonna be a big time key for that. He's three time Stanley Cup champion running gone now the TV color analyst at the Tampa Bay Lightning game three tonight of the lightning in the Capps and Brian. Yeah you've played as long as you did I don't know if you've ever been in this position I can't remember your post season history. But you've been around the game long enough you're the capitals he come back home you took two in Tampa. And they come back in I don't think they've lost now in the past four games you're home. Yeah you're looking in your speech you can't get out your head your two games away from the Stanley Cup you six away from win the whole thing. How does the dynamic. How mistakes how does the environment change for the capitals come on back to their home place. Well there's a tremendous amount of energy you're trying to control that Alexander Ovechkin. You know after earlier in the game after game two so you know I can't wait to get Allman played regain their we've been waiting for the moment for the first such a long time. Mean he's never been in the conference final so since he's been there the fans have never had a home conference final game so what do you think that atmosphere Kabila. Hope they are gonna explode it's going to be crazy either going to be so much energy. That Washington is gonna wanna use that but. There have to control and I'm sure Barry trot and they're experienced guys are going to be thought you hear guys yeah use that energy let's come back and play the same way. But sometimes energy is a start running around and go a hundred miles an hour and you're not the right place the right time. So controlling those emotions including and and in the right place that's what it's all about if they can score first of course. Now we'll even add to it so you know the lady you're gonna say look we gotta weathered the storm here early on control this game for the lightning the longer it goes 00 or obviously they can get the lead. Help take the crowd out a little bit in common now that's what will be happening you know throughout the first period which will make it really interest. And he had a chance to watch it it'd last night you travels in your your work but pattern of pay and Vegas all knotted up at one any kind of feel of how that series goes. Tremendous to watch. And both teams very fast. And physical. Both teams really can play the game anyway you wanna you wanna run at each other fight and it's certainly happened at certain times but they're played at breakneck speed there's a tremendous amount of skill. That the phenomenon of the biggest golden night and that's the only thing you can call it. It's a complete phenomenon now it and it just never stops. They are legitimate contender to win the Stanley Cup and have been since the drop of the puck in the playoffs just in. Credible to watch that happen. Marc-Andre Fleury has been brilliant and when you get a goaltender with experience like he has in cup victories knows how to control the atmosphere. And create confidence problem for his team. They've got goal scoring just incredible to watch Winnipeg. Has been a terrific story all year they're big. They can play with a real mean edge and their fast they've got skill guys like crazy. We can dominate. Very fine line in that game what have they made a couple of mistakes. Are they get to goal posts I believe so you know that could have been a tight game going into overtime so very fine line small margin for error. In that series and that's what I expect the way it's going to be most of the way through that. Ryan thanks Dennis does appreciate the time and if for some reason the company gives me a tenth anniversary check comics she get a small cut on it. But probably didn't end your career played that great ride I predict and exodus and it's a busy day of running Obama beat Tampa Bay. Network fox sports the sun's south thank you very much there. And it's riding them joining us on the.