Interview: Alex Hayden (2-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, February 16th

Motor Racing Network Reporter Alex Hayden joins Wes to talk the Daytona 500, where NASCAR is as a sport, the favorites coming into the 2018 season and more.


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Sunday it's the Daytona 500 the start of the NASCAR season and is always good to everybody. Out Satan MRI and pit reporter Alex I apologize our free what were you going to be going to be in the pits or UN a sidekick did you do is roam around like what was your double on Sunday like. Yeah an elbow. A guy Sunday I'll actually have the midsection of erode their neighbors aren't. Used to it cents up yet midsection on their home commerce. In the middle section that it went in which they're yet to pick. Boxes just yet so we don't know at this point which of those thirteen drivers and won't. Certainly not be a report. I I've just started to fill in work on the sidelines in college football so I don't have any really good stories but I imagine. Being there's times and you find yourself in the worst position possibly by yourself in harm's way possibly being trucked over vile linebacker. Gimme a story any story that where things almost where things did go wrong in the pits and you wrapped up and. Content a couple of instances. In heard that too dangerous sport and when we now turn. Athletes go to. Little Walton and immediately raced cars and changing tires at its coastline hop. Politics stops. Topic institute in Boston to understand on top of the wall looking down on top of the pit stops and there's. The light mister Kamal the race card act like on the ground with the new wheel on that it and it up there. What net score two and soak sometimes there's are some some gasoline negates bill. And we need drivers popped the clutch in light at the rear tire them. They'll hit you blood got to create a spark on the concrete and and we backfired and there are a couple of times it was quite fun to meet. A timer to an end it's one of those deals they're really future pension no question but. I think the. Funniest and worst type thing used those same lot that they get run over when their spin their tires getting out of their pit box sometimes they get watched. Like rockets backwards and I've been hit many times by a blind luck that they might Shenzhen. On the back of my task meaningless direction I'm looking and pit stops are taking place and I got to say it at least a bruise it does. It's their loss for Italy Italy to mark for a while. And I think about that I think the double those up I pick them up before they pop right off the tires when you forget that they are probably tired going to a miles an hour and a smoking hot. But yeah I. Not I don't know why I've done it twice is deceived you think you learn up a onetime U big dummy. Our story as he will be in the paints the middle pays for Sunday's Daytona 500. Outs we did is pick buyer on from Richmond raceway earlier allies using question I asked him. You've got a lot of guys gone including Dale Junior Danica is getting greater on the last race you've got. You guys in the Booth guys who are stepped aside doing other things like Mac Kansas you've got some fresh faces coming into NASCAR. If you did the timeline of the history of the sport how would you classify how would you categorize where NASCAR is right now. Question and Lou you're right the star power that we gloss over the last three years I'm Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart Matt Kenseth Danica Patrick Dale Earnhardt junior. Arguably the biggest names in the sport over the last ten to fifteen years. Is it the sport's in pretty good shape I had to be honest with. Is inept and there. They'll Earnhardt junior could have been and bigger blow to the sport and I don't mean this in a disrespect action. But if Dale Earnhardt junior award winning races running at a part of built just decided. The mullet you know what I've had a great crew let's hang it up. The shock. There for. Junior nation our most popular driver year after year it it would have been massive. Wood Dale Junior announcing at the beginning of black Asian. That he was going to hang it up and then quite frankly not running as well a lot of people hoped he would. I think it softened the blow and in that announcement given panes of all season to basically say goodbye Aaron heart. And fit to go and start looking at. Some of these young drivers. I think that was a good thing that that took place in people have really latched on. In the chase delegates but Ryan blamed mobile wallets it's some of these younger drivers and I can tell you William Byron who's a who's making dispersed run in in monster energy NASCAR cup racing. He he's the all American kids to bring in people can latch on all these young drivers. In in India I think a lot of it's as they would just the society we live it it's a social media world. And these guys are scoring really active on social media they connect with great Spanglish spent time with great state and not only at the track but it. But they'll they'll talk to you on social media and and spend time with eat it I think that helps it helps solve a lot. So I think the sport is in really good shape right now we are in transition no question from. They're heroes and the veterans over to the young drivers don't get me wrong Kyle Busch's Jimmie Johnson's. Kurt Busch is that still on the racetrack they're so competitive they. People are just. There are migrating to this you'd move but that we're seeing right now in NASCAR I think it's a good day. I NASCAR zealot their personality Shiloh bit more I adding some times things are to button up into Tuesday at these guys need to. Is be who they are that's what I'd love to see more than NASCAR personality in the sport. Alex as we get to on the track. Who's geared up for a big year as we go to this transition period going to look at that sand that they're on something this is going to be their season. Coming into the season I I looked at teens. Not necessarily drivers because he'd diverse they haven't forgotten how to reach your year. But if you go back. Warriors in Tokyo back for years ago. Joey let god know what in the title fight at homestead Miami speedway with a chance to win a championship. He's always been got one multiple races and been there last season. Not so much you obviously want Richmond but that race. They found a car illegal kept the win but didn't get. All the bonuses came along with the this course the championship goes in the automatic art he missed the plane I. And that certainly was not pollute. I think Joey let god I was the guy that's gonna bounce back and bounced back at eight ABC sent. I spent a lot of time of these crew chief stock wouldn't the other day spent about Majoli and got a Wednesday the united talk the and at a racetrack in it and they are focused and they know that last year. Even though was it was a bad years are down here. They're using last year as a tool as a motivational. Tool to Joel it got to the got to wait to have another big season. I don't let back we have Lehman dropped the green flag of the first official points race and to keep and which will be Sunday's Daytona 500. And Albert got him insulin happened 1000 got to go win this ship is that your. I'll let you go on this one what would be more interesting Sunday Danica wins to her final race. Where Danica and Ricky stand house get caught up with some type racing Danica looks over with that death stare at her ex. You know what I think it's more likely that it's been out of a better shot of winning the race and you've got to. But I am going to be in the draft that she would premium motor sports are good great scheme. But not a top tier schema I don't anticipate. It they're really being back to win the Daytona 500. And it's not by no audible groan and a former team that is just just a lesser team right now. It's been seven the big boys on the block if you will or pristine scout. I think they do their distinct lack led to any Abdul. The qualifying races that we had. They'll go to the issue went out she Rickie are no longer a a couple she's dating Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who. Showed up at at the pit box last night I was covered data is that Aaron Rodgers came walking up the bully meet. Nobody nobody knew who he was when he walked up but once she got on top of the box and everybody realized I'd like aspects of Aaron Rodgers. So it if it came out quite that quite machine down in the midst with with the amount of people on the there was 15200. People surrounding that box just taken pictures up there. It's star power and why not a Karen Rogers. Some committees say NFL hall of Famer someday so. It took it to power couple it's a sports world power couple and it. And I think you're acting. It was a little awkward on the driver introductions staged with Danica and Ricky they did their best to avoid each other. Not to the point where almost comical a practice but I can dated both drivers are tenacious on the racetrack. I think there's the. The likelihood that they're gonna be swept up in a crash together it could happen. Mean it is they told the B when the main place and in this they get swept up together in a crash. We would have. The awkwardness wore New Yorkers it was awkward that would be great TV operatives to be fantastic out they got later on hey. Be saved the day it's a result the great Sunday into it and watch the lug nuts for God's sakes it. Absolutely that's that's the key no more back I don't show you got out saying joining us motor racing network picked reported in him Sunday news radio 1140 WR VA.